Should I Accept An All-Cash Offer For My Mobile Home in San Bernardino?

If you ask, “Should I accept an all-cash offer for my mobile home in San Bernardino?”

The answer might surprise you… Not always.

In todays aricle I’ll tell you some benefits of selling to a retail buyer, verses a Direct Buyer.

Selling Your Mobile Home For Cash to A Retail Buyer in San Bernardino

If you’re selling a mobile home to a retail buyer chances are that it won’t be bought with cash. Most home buying deals close with  bank financing, because amajority of buyers don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved up. If you’ve been struggling to sell your mobile home in San Bernardino, its likely you’ve dealt with buyers who’s financing didn’t go through.

However, its possible to come across a retail buyer who has the cash to buy your mobile home. If you come across someone a retail buyer like this its important you ask a few questions. Asking these questions below will help you determine if the deal they want to make with you is legit, or not.

  • Ask… “Were you able to finance this purchase through a bank loan?”
  • And… “Are you able to provide references for your cash offer to show the transaction is secure?” (Such as a job reference)
  • Also… “If you’re financing this deal through a bank loan, do you have written and signed confirmation from your lender that the transaction will go through?”

Now you may be thinking “I just want to sell my mobile home for cash and be on my way!”

We completely understand, and to be honest, if we were in your shoes we would want to get paid as fast as possible too. But to avoid any future headaches, or dissapointments you must ensure your retail buyer is good for the money.

If you’re working with a real estate agent you can relay these questions to them so they can work it out on your behalf.

There’s nothing wrong with a retail buyer offering you an all cash deal, its just important to make sure its real and they aren’t just pulling at your heart-strings. If the cash deal is legit then go for it! Finding retail buyers like that can be rare!

Selling Your Mobile Home For Cash to A Direct Buyer in San Bernardino

Even most Direct Buyers (people who want to buy and flip your property) don’t close transactions with cash. They typically borrow money from other Direct Buyers, or partner up with another Direct Buyer that has the capital while they manage the project.

Now, Direct Buyers are professionals who know how to manage money, but that doesn’t mean they’re financing is bullet proof. You should be asking them the same questions you ask a retail buyer who wants to give you an all cash deal. The Direct Buyer should be able to provide those answer fairly quickly, and if not you may want to consider looking some place else.

So, what makes us different from other Direct Buyers?

At Miguel Buys Mobile Homes we don’t spread ourselves too thin, because our main goal is to build strong communities in and around San Bernardino. This means we keep our circle of out-sourcing small, and we only work with those we would trust with our own homes.

We will also provide references upon request, and answer any financing questions you may have.

In most cases, we’ll pay cash for your San Bernardino CA property.

The Benefits Of An All Cash Sale Of Your Mobile Home

The benefits of a cash sale are real:

  • Quick cash that’s fair and honest
  • You choose when you get paid.
  • Zero repairs, clean-up and extra paperwork on your end
  • The peace of mind of selling your property happens instantly

You don’t have to deal with the troubles of waiting months for a buyer to get a mortgage, only to be notified that the lender eliminated the program, leaving you back at square one.

You don’t have to list your mobile home with a real estate agent and pay a substantial commission fee. You also wont have to wait for them to advertise your property, put up with showings or put in extra work to get your home “presentable”.

You don’t have to deal with neighbors being nosy and checking out your property for their enjoyment. We don’t waste your time. In our business we put your need to sell your mobile home first. We work in this way because we want you to be able to live your life the way you want to. That invloves getting the cash you need from your mobile home.

You don’t need to paint, take trips to the hardware store, or even clean up. We take properties just as they are. You won’t even need spend money on junk haulers or contractors. We got it covered.

You don’t need to deal with any paperwork, or additional nonsense. Our team is here for you.

Final Thoughts When Working With A Trustworthy San Bernardino Direct Mobile Home Buyer 

Always make sure your cash buyer is trustworthy. At Miguel Buys Mobile Homes, we offer great references of past sellers we’ve assisted. We can also show you examples of the latest rehabs we’ve worked on, and we’ll be happy to answer any concerns you have. Our team has nothing to hide, we’re an open book.

We pride ourselves on being a vital part of the San Bernardino community.  Our primary goal is to help you  sell your San Bernardino mobile home fast, at a price fair to you, and to help enhance the beauty of neighborhoods one property at a time.

If you’re thinking about selling your mobile home for cash in San Bernardino or just need to sell a property near San Bernardino, we can assist you.

We purchase properties like yours from homeowners who need to sell quickly with no strings attached.

With all that said, selling to a retail buyer isn’t a bad option, it just means you’ll have to wait for the right buyer with the right financing. Working with other Direct Buyers is a good option too, but make sure they provide the references you’re asking for.

Working with Miguel Buys Mobile Homes means no waiting to get paid, and no more wondering if the deal will go through. Fill out the form on this website, or give us a call today to start your process.


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