Selling Your Mobile Home Isn’t What it Used To Be

Your parents likely bought a home at market value and stayed there for many years. They may even had passed down the property, or plan to. Things have changed.

 First time home-buyers often go in with the same intention their parents had. Buying one home and staying there for a good part of their lives. They also believe they’ll have a smooth process just like their parents did.

 If you’re looking to sell your mobile home, and move into your next dream home, you may get discouraged.

Market trends are slowly shifting, but its still a buyers market. What does that mean for you, the seller? It means buyers have more options, and are in a position to negotiate in their favor. With so much property available, you could find yourself waiting several months or longer to find a buyer who will pay your asking price.

Now, you could be thinking ‘I don’t have time to wait several months for a serious buyer!’, that’s okay there is a solution.

The Alternative Route to Your Next Home

The alternative route is working with a Direct Home Buyer. My business, Miguel Buys Mobile Homes, does exactly that.

My independent, Direct Home Buyer business buys mobile homes, pays for the repairs, and resells it either as rental property, or to another buyer. Your city most likely has several reputable and trusted Direct Home Buyers who will help you sell your property quickly.

The Process is Simple With A Direct Home Buyer

You provide me with information about your home and personal situation over the phone, or with a online form and we pick a day for me to walk the property

Once I arrive at the property I examine the home, take into account the necessary repairs, and make a fair offer based on value. If the offer works for you we’ll shake hands, and you’ll receive payment for your mobile home in cash. This step can be done within 7 days if you want to close that quickly.

Fast Money Is On Its Way!

The process to close your deal can be as fast as 7 to 10 days. The best part of working with a Direct Home Buyer is they work on your schedule, rather than you waiting for traditional methods to go your way.

If time is of the essences for you, I completely understand. Working with a Direct Home Buyer may be the better alternative for you.

When you work with a Direct Home Buyer there usually are no fees involved. Meaning, you wont have to worry about paying a realtor commission fee, or hidden costs. Much of the hassle is taken care of for you. The only thing you have to worry about is showing up to receive payment for your mobile home.

Direct Home Buyers often look to buy property at a slight discount, pay for clean-up and repairs, then sell it to another buyer or find tenants to fill the space. This pressure is on them, not you!

The Hidden Cost Of Waiting To Sell

You may not be considering the hidden costs of waiting to sell. In my personal experience, I’ve seen mobile home owners wait, in hopes of finding a high paying buyer. Most of the time this doesn’t pan out well, because as time passes, the bills pile on.

Extra months of mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance costs, and space rent could quickly add up. By selling at a slight discount, you could conceivably end up with a larger sum in the long run.

By selling your home to a Direct Home Buyer, you’re saving yourself months of financial stress, and you can quickly transition to your new dream home. You’ll avoid expensive fees, closing costs, and Direct Home Buyers will purchase your home as-is.

Getting to your dream home may have a few more extra steps, compared to when your parents were buying their first property. However, there are alternatives that can work in your favor.

Give me a call today to talk about your options, theres no obligation and I’m always happy to help sellers reach their next destination stress free.

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